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Clearview on Business
Clearview on Business
Clearview On Business: Just for Kix
Clearview on Business — a new podcast from the Clearview Library District — showcases the amazing local businesses in the communities we serve. Every two weeks, host Kelly Hall, Business Resource Librarian, and guests will interview a local business owner. In these quick, 10-minute interviews, we’ll introduce you to the business and encourage you to shop locally as much as you can. You’ll be surprised by these great entrepreneurs.

Just for Kix offers 90 classes/week for their 900 students, including classes for cool hip hop moms. Owner Christin Randall is passionate about dance and loves her dance family of students and coworkers. Zoom was her friend during the COVID closure as she worked to keep things as normal as possible for her students. It helped put her in a good place to open (very soon) her Apex Drive dance studio. Kelly Hall is joined by her guest host, Stacy Miller, the Director of Economic Development for the Town of Windsor.

Location: 1295 Main Street Unit E, Windsor
Phone: 800-450-3262
Year Established: 2019

Business’ hours / services may have changed. Check out their website for the latest information.

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