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Requests for Expressions of Interest

The Clearview Library District is undergoing a short- and long-range facilities plan, exploring six different potential areas of scope as outlined by our community in the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan. One area of exploration is a public-private partnership.

The intent of this Request for Expression of Interest (RFEI or Proposals) is to provide an open and transparent process for interested parties seeking to partner with the Clearview Library District on potential development project(s).

The district is soliciting proposals of interest by November 30, submitted electronically to:

Katie Messerli (

The district looks for any potential partnership to meet the following goals:

  • Meet the Mission and Vision of the district:
    • Mission: Cultivate Curiosity. Enlighten the Mind. Strengthen the Community.
    • Vision:

We aspire to be a launching point for discovery —  creating innovative and adaptive spaces where everyone can explore, imagine, create, and learn on the path of lifelong learning to improve ourselves and our communities.

The library works to meet the needs of the entire community; we focus our resources, opportunities, and experiences in three key areas:

Foster Early Literacy—We believe that literacy is a key component to learning and future success. We work to cultivate a love for lifelong learning in the children of our community through essential aspects of early literacy, such as reading, writing, singing, playing, and talking.

Build Connections—We believe that social connection is critical to growing, learning, and contributing to stronger communities by building bridges across generations, cultures, ideas, and beliefs to support learners of all ages.

Inspire Lifelong Learning—We believe that learning and exploration are essential parts of our shared human experience. These happen in many ways, at different paces, and last a lifetime. We strive to engage individuals of all ages and interests in wondering and discovering what was, what is, and what’s to come.

Questions should be directed to: Katie Messerli (

Clearview Library District participation is subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees and is not guaranteed.


If a developer is chosen, the district will then offer an Exclusive Right to Negotiate to the developer for up to 90 days. During that period, the district will not accept or seek additional proposals. During that time, the district will work in good faith to negotiate the terms of a Development Agreement. If the terms are acceptable to both parties, a formal agreement will be drafted and executed. The district recognizes that time is of the essence in any development project and will commit necessary staff time to ensure negotiations are managed efficiently. The district expects any developer to provide quality work product including financial projections that reflect market realities.


Parties responding to this RFEI should clearly mark Items of their responses as Confidential and Proprietary Information. If so marked, then the district will decline to disclose these items to the extent permitted by law. Except for information so marked, responses are subject to public inspection under the Colorado Open Records Act (C.R.S. §24-72-200.1 et. seq).


Responses are more likely to be viewed favorably if they are concise and specific. Overly lengthy or elaborate proposals will be interpreted to mean that the interested party did not properly understand this RFEI. All documentation submitted with a response shall be included in a single PDF document.

Each response shall include the following items in the following order:

  1. Cover letter addressed to: Katie Messerli
  1. Company Information
  • Entity Name
  • Type of Organization
  • Main Contact
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Name, address, and phone number of key investors (any investor with more than 15% share of ownership, whether individual or other entity). Also, please identify principals who have management control.  
  1. Development proposal to include:
  • Project location
  • Demonstration of site control or specific strategies required to obtain site control. Please note: the district is interested in playing a supportive role but will not acquire property for speculative development
  • Proposed uses
  • Understanding of the market and library service needs
  • Proposed role for the district
  • Concept plans and other visuals that demonstrate the type and extent of the project are encouraged but not required at this stage

If the responder does not wish for this information to be shared, please mark as Confidential and Proprietary Information.

  1. Project Experience (may include references to applicant website).
  1. Project References. Please include no more than three with at least one bank reference.