Library and School District Partner to Bring e-Books to Students

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In the face of the pandemic, one thing didn’t stop: learning. Teachers, students, and parents rallied together last spring to continue the learning cycle in the digital realm.

Over the summer, the Weld RE-4 School District was able to evaluate their digital classroom needs and plan for a variety of learning contingencies in the fall.

“Our school libraries have a very limited number of e-book and audiobook options,” shared Weld RE-4 School District’s Mollie Amundson. “When we transitioned quickly to remote learning, we realized our huge need for digital reading material.”

Library IT & Technical Services Manager Bud Hunt discovered a way for Weld RE-4 classrooms to access the library’s entire digital collection through the Sora app.

“Sora makes it easy to find e-books and audiobooks for any interest and reading level,” Amundson said. “You'll never have to worry about losing a book, and you'll have access anywhere.”

With Sora, the Weld RE-4 School District can utilize the library’s digital materials, while filtering content for age-appropriateness. The school district can also purchase their own digital materials and add to the collection.

“Digital reading content in Sora will be filtered [ by the school district ] based on student grade levels, so families don't have to worry about elementary students accessing e-books and audiobooks with mature content,” Amundson said.

“As we look ahead to a school year of uncertain challenges and uncharted opportunities, our students need uninterrupted access to high quality reading material. Clearview's collection of e-books and audiobooks will have a wide-reaching impact on the students and families we serve.”

To set up your Weld RE-4 School District Sora account, follow these steps.