Board of Trustees to Tackle Space Challenges, Explore Options in Facilities Plan

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The Library Board of Trustees has rolled up its sleeves and officially begun digging into Strategic Plan Focus Area 4: Space.

Even with two failed ballot measures, the feedback from the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan community input process was that space still remains at the forefront. Nearly a quarter of the comments received — 845 — focused on space.

Space is not just a want, it is a need. Since the Third Street location opened its doors in 1997, our service area has grown from 9,834 residents to 26,772, or a 172 percent increase. According to the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization, our service area will cross the 200,000-resident threshold by 2045.

Population Growth Map

Pie Chart

The majority of comments in the Strategic Plan feedback focused on wanting more space in general, without listing a specific course of action. Above, you’ll find the breakdown of when community members specified a particular path forward.

How we solve the challenge of space — in the short and long term — has our community divided, based on Strategic Plan feedback and articulated by the Strategic Plan Advisory Group:

The Clearview Library District will evaluate all opportunities to provide adequate space for the programs and services that the community needs and wants. That may include remodeling existing space, building new space, renting additional space, collaborating with other local agencies for the shared use of space, and expanding into new locations.

In order to fully explore the options outlined in the Strategic Plan, as well as address current space challenges and the future growth of the district, the Board decided to begin a short- and long-term facilities planning process.

Over the course of a little more than six months, the Board of Trustees will explore and evaluate options in six different potential areas:

  1. Modify the existing Third Street location.
  2. Build new space (one large building, a branch, an administrative space, or a co-working facility).
  3. Rent, lease, or buy a facility within the district.
  4. Collaborate with area partners on a shared facility.
  5. Evaluate dispersed staffing opportunities.
  6. Explore public-private partnerships.

The Long Range Planning Committee, comprised of Kendra Adams, Ron Dunworth, and Ron Clark, will lead these efforts, bringing information to the Board of Trustees at regular meetings and newly added monthly work sessions.

Our community is invited to attend all Board of Trustees’ meetings and work sessions. Updates will be posted in our newsletter and on our Facebook page.