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How Does It Work? Library Law and Districts

Clearview Library District How Does it Work?


In this new series, we’ll answer some of your frequently asked questions on how things work in our library.

Q: What’s a library district, and how does it work?

Libraries are unique creatures. Sometimes you’ll find libraries housed within local government (city or county), like the Loveland Public Library. In Colorado, libraries can also be joint (between two or more governmental units), regional authorities, or their own district.

There are two ways public libraries can be formed: public petition or resolution. The Clearview Library District was formed in 1985 by the Town of Windsor and the Weld RE-4 School District. As a special district, we have our own Board of Trustees that oversees finances, sets policy, and hires the director. We’re funded by our own voter-approved mill levy — currently 3.546.

No matter how a library is structured, all libraries in our state follow Colorado Library Law (C.R.S. 24-90-107), “a legal framework for library operations and responsibilities.” Colorado Library Law includes everything from formation and board of trustees, to privacy law and internet protection. Did you know that not returning library materials is a class three misdemeanor? Get those books back!

Under Colorado Library Law, the Colorado State Library, a division of the Colorado Department of Education, “provide[s] leadership and expertise in developing library-related policies, activities, and assistance” to libraries across the state, among other things. The State Library provides services to help maximize tax-payer investments, like resource sharing networks and the Talking Book Library.

An important function of the Colorado State Library is data collection. Each year we report key statistics to the state. Our statistics, as well as those from libraries across the state, can be found on the Library Research Service site.

If you have any questions on Colorado Library Law or library districts, please give us a call at 970-686-5603. If you have a question you would like featured in the How Does It Work? series, email Communications Specialist Katie Messerli.