Puppets and Shadows

‘Imagine Your Story’ Takes Readers on Summer Quests

Clearview Library District Summer Adventure Program

Library Patrons

Journey to a land far, far away to join five challenge quests this summer without leaving your home. It’s all possible with a little pixie dust, a team of librarians, and this year’s Summer Adventure Program: “Imagine Your Story.

“Think fairy tales, mythology, and folklore,” Public Services Manager Casey Lansinger-Pierce described this year’s theme.

Library staff were faced with their own challenge quest to begin with: completely reframe the library’s largest program of the year to be engaging in a virtual format. And, plans had to materialize in just two months.

“It looks completely different than in year’s past,” shared Lansinger-Pierce. “Planning normally takes more than five months for our team. I’ve been really proud of how we’ve been able to innovate. We’ve never done anything like this before, but it’s already off to a great start.”

Kicking off June 15, participants are given a series of five challenge quests. Every other week, we connect to share the next challenge with the different age groups (0-99+). Each challenge is paired with library materials and programs that center on the theme.

“As an example, we just completed Challenge #1,” Lansinger-Pierce said. “For our littlest patrons, their task was to read The Three Little Pigs and then create three houses: one out bricks, one of sticks, and one out of straw.

“While we do give a focused challenge, we try to make it so you can really bring your creativity and innovation to the table.”

Each challenge quest has a photo submission component — through social media or email — that, if completed, gives entry in both the challenge-specific prize drawing and the grand prize drawing at the end of the program in August.

“We’ve loved, loved, loved the submissions so far,” said Lansinger-Pierce. “It’s been so fun for us to look through.”

Children PlayingAnd, it’s not too late to join the adventure.

“There’s still time to get involved and get engaged,” said Lansinger-Pierce. “You can sign up at any point in the summer and complete the remaining challenges and still get entry in the grand prize drawing.”