Library Summer Programs Help Increase Academic Achievement

Clearview Library District Events, Summer Adventure Program

Library Patrons

Thousands of community members of all ages participate in the Clearview Library District’s Summer Adventure Program, engaging in reading and adventure activities throughout the summer months.

Beyond the fun nature of the activities, our Summer Adventure Program provides tangible benefits that can have a lifelong impact, including increased reading and comprehension skills, closure of achievement gaps, and developed interest in and a habit of reading.

Reading just four to six books over the summer has the potential to prevent a decline in reading achievement scores from the spring to the fall, so even small steps are very beneficial,” states the Colorado Department of Education.

What distinguishes library summer reading programs is twofold. First, Summer Adventure Program is offered for all ages. When children and teens see adults read and are encouraged by adults to read, they read more. Second, self-selected materials are important to a "successful reading experience," and to developing reading proficiency.

Kicking off June 15 and running through August 24, our Summer Adventure Program will center on the theme “Imagine Your Story.”

“Think fables and fairy tales and folklore!” said Public Services Manager Casey Lansinger-Pierce. “We also interpret this as ‘Imagine Your OWN Story.’ What is the story of your family? Your history? Your community? I think the sky is the limit with this theme, and we're excited to weave summer challenges and programs around it.”

With COVID-19 prevention measures in place, our Summer Adventure Program will look a little bit different this year.

“Due to COVID-19, all of our programs will be virtual this summer. We are excited to test the boundaries of virtual programming,” Lansigner-Pierce shared. “The challenges or adventures that we encourage our patrons to complete are going to look different this year, too. Instead of checking off a box that says ‘I read a book’ or ‘I completed an adventure,’ we are exploring ways in which participants send in multimedia submissions.”

Details and registration information will roll out soon.

“Everything, in a sense, is changing,” Lansinger-Pierce said. “What won't change is our commitment to creating an engaging and exciting summer for our entire community.”