Inside the Strategic Plan — Focus Area 3: Programs & Services

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The Clearview Library District began the new year with the launch of the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan, which establishes a clear vision for serving the community and fulfilling our mission: Cultivate Curiosity. Enlighten the Mind. Strengthen the Community. In this four-part series, we’ll dive into each of the focus areas.

Through our extensive community engagement process for the 2020-2022 Strategic Plan, four common themes emerged from your feedback:

  1. Communication
  2. Partnerships
  3. Programs & Services
  4. Space

Community Feedback
While community members included positive comments about the variety of programs, services, and materials, there is a desire for more, especially in the areas of children’s programming and physical print books.

“Our community values and utilizes the opportunities provided by the Clearview Library District in order to interact with others and learn,” said Library Board of Trustees President Rochelle Brotsky. “Programs and services are the life of the library. They are what bring humanism and collaboration to our community.”

She continued, “The Advisory Group and their assessment of the community feedback indicated that the library patrons want more programming.”

“What stood out from the feedback for me was how much people enjoy what we offer and how they wanted more of everything,” agreed Director Ann Kling.

Future Plans
Over the course of the next three years, the library looks to improve and expand programs and services, balancing traditional services with new and innovative learning opportunities. To meet this vision, the Advisory Group outlined three goals in the Strategic Plan:

  1. Develop financially sustainable and innovative programs and services that reflect the library’s mission statement.
  2. Plan for the future needs of the growing community, and anticipate the types of programs, services, and materials that the community will need.
  3. Expand and monitor the usage of technology within programs and classes, both as an organization and for our patrons.

“We have always evaluated our programs to be sure that our offerings are of interest to our patrons, and we welcome feedback on our programs,” shared Kling. “The library closure due to COVID-19 has challenged us to provide new virtual programs and services for our library patrons. We will continue to look for innovative ways to provide the services people need and want.”

The desire for more programs and services directly correlates with the fourth, and final, Strategic Plan priority: Space.

“The Advisory Group understands that we are space-limited. Expanding and invigorating the programs and services offered by the Clearview Library District will be most affected by space constraints,” Brotsky said. “Not only is there a limited number of people allowed to occupy our available locations, but there is the issue of noise, as well.”

“In order to provide more programs and services, we will have to be very creative on where those programs will be held,” Kling agreed. “It will be a challenge to find places and staff in order to do more.”

As we look to improve and expand programs and services, space will be an important consideration. Already the Library Board of Trustees took the first steps in the Strategic Plan Implementation Matrix and hired an architect to conduct an in-depth analysis of our Third Street location. We’ll share updates on the progress and final recommendations in the newsletter, as well as on our Facebook page.

View the entire 2020-2022 Strategic Plan and the four focus areas for the next three years. Action items for each focus area can be found in the Implementation Matrix.

Updates on the progress of plan initiatives will be presented to the Library Board of Trustees each quarter, as well as posted to the Strategic Plan webpage with all of the process documents.