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Library Starts 2020 with New Vision

Clearview Library District News


The Clearview Library District will begin the new year with the launch of our 2020-2022 Strategic Plan, which establishes a clear vision for serving the community and fulfilling our mission: Cultivate Curiosity. Enlighten the Mind. Strengthen the Community.

library patrons“The library, like the community, is ever-changing,” said Library Trustee Katie Scherer. “As the community changes, so does the role of the library. The library we have today is much different than the library of 20 years ago — or even 10 years ago.

“The goal of the strategic plan is to evaluate the course of the library every three years, so that we continue to inquire and evaluate what the community needs and wants,” Sherer continued. “It's like checking your map on a long trip; you take a look at where you are, and then where you want to go.”

library patronsWe began the strategic planning process last June with third-party facilitator Sheryl Trent of S Brand. The process included an extensive community engagement component that resulted in more than 3,500 comments.

“The Clearview Library District and the community were fully committed to the planning process,” Trent said. “The discussions were insightful, heartfelt, and represented a wide range of community ideas and values.”

“The effort to gather input was well worth the time and effort,” noted Scherer. “We have a lot of data that gives us a good idea of what the community would like from their library.”

The Advisory Group — representative of the district — utilized the feedback to develop the plan and its four priority areas:
1. Raise awareness regarding the opportunities and challenges of the library district with transparent and consistent messaging.
2. Foster and maintain collaboration and support for communication efforts with all partners in the community.

1. Establish and maintain ongoing and trusting relationships with key organizations and institutions throughout the library district.
2. Foster ongoing partnerships with other agencies for collaborative results in areas such as space, marketing / communications, programming, and services.
3. Foster and maintain collaboration and support for communication efforts with all partners in the community.

Programs & Services
1. Develop financially sustainable and innovative programs and services that reflect the library’s mission statement.
2. Plan for the future needs of the growing community, and anticipate the types of programs, services, and materials that the community will need.
3. Expand and monitor the usage of technology within programs and classes, both as an organization and for our patrons.

1. Have sufficient and efficiently used space to house all programs and services in locations that are convenient for all district residents
2. Build strong community awareness of the space needs of the library district.

“Members of the Advisory Group were very respectful of the wide and passionate range of opinions,” Trent shared. “While they all brought their own ideas to the table, the community feedback was the main driver in the conversations about future projects and actions.”

Scherer agreed: “The final plan is truly reflective of the voice of the community. We have four solid goals that will set the course for the next three years and provide the Board and the staff with a vision to follow.”

Updates on the progress of plan initiatives will be presented to the Library Board of Trustees each quarter, as well as posted to the Strategic Plan webpage with all of the process documents.