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Beyond the Books: Digital Literacy

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Beyond the Books — the library’s new leadership program — offers community members a monthly immersive and behind-the-scenes look at the Clearview Library District. Each month we’ll offer a recap of the session.

library staff helping patrons on computer“Technology wasn’t invented with the computer, it has always been around,” shared IT and Technical Services Manager Bud Hunt. “Libraries are the place where access to technology and thoughtful people to help you navigate the information come together.”

That intersection is where digital literacy develops.

“We approach digital literacy as a set of skills that anyone can use to support whatever it is they’re trying to accomplish with technology,” Hunt explained.

To support digital literacy, the Clearview Library District works to provide access and technological equipment.

Behind the scenes, the IT & Technical Services Team focuses on the access portion — keeping the catalog current, obtaining items through Interlibrary Loan, maintaining a stable internet connection, and working with vendors on secure connections to e-materials.

“Due to the nature of library materials being available online, there should never be a reason you can’t access information or resources from the library,” Hunt said.

With our e-books, audiobooks, TV shows, movies, and music available on any device from anywhere in the world, it is no surprise that in this digital age the number of active virtual borrowers is on track to exceed 20 percent growth from 2018 to 2019.

“I personally love our collection of downloadable items across Kanopy, Hoopla, and Overdrive,” Hunt shared. “Right now I’m geeking out over Kanopy’s collection of Great Courses resources, which don’t count against the eight monthly items checkout limit.” 

On the flip side of access is equipment. Not only do we offer laptops, desktop computers, printers/copiers, and a 3D printer in the library, but we also allow you to take home technology toys, like robots and drones, through the Explore Kit collection

We go beyond simply providing technology by helping our community use and understand their devices. Technology Librarian Michael Ross hosts regular programs for children and families on different coding topics, and each week the library’s IT Team holds drop-in Ask a Geek sessions. 

Every Monday through Thursday, community members can visit the library from 6-7 p.m. and get technical assistance from our staff experts — any question, any device — through Ask a Geek. 

“Hardware or software should never get in the way of a delightful patron experience,” Hunt said. “Our team helps with everything from troubleshooting and Internet safety, to software tips and creation assistance. 

“We support folks with lots of access to technology make better choices and help folks with little to no access to get started.”

By the Numbers 

  • 244,420 Homepage Visits in 2018
  • 23,493 Computer Sessions in 2018
  • 10,874 Items Added to the Catalog in the Last 12 months
  • 9,054 WiFi Sessions in 2018

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