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Challenge your mind and explore your curiosity with a wonderful collection of online videos available through our movie-streaming platform, Kanopy.

Kanopy's The Great Courses covers a variety of fascinating topics from historical tours of Medieval Europe and screenwriting to photography and algebra.

The best thing about The Great Courses is that users have unlimited access to all of the 5,000+ videos in the collection. You can watch as many Great Courses videos as you want, as often as you want, without ever going over your monthly Kanopy limit.

If entertainment is more what you’re looking for, Kanopy also has a great collection of independent films, TV shows, and documentaries that you can view, up to eight per month.

“My favorite thing about Kanopy is its large selection of foreign and cult films that are difficult to find in most public libraries or video stores,” said Tucker Valentine, Library Outreach Assistant and frequent Kanopy user. “Kanopy will introduce you to movies you never knew you needed to see.”

Kanopy’s content can be accessed online or through the Kanopy app on your preferred device. Stream for free with your library card!