Beyond the Books: Bookmobile Brings the Library to You

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Beyond the Books — the library’s new leadership program — offers community members a monthly immersive and behind-the-scenes look at the Clearview Library District. Each month we’ll offer a recap of the session.

With a district that covers three communities and one physical location, the library recognized the need to serve the growing population by meeting them where they live, work, and play.

“We wanted to remove barriers to access and reach the greatest number of people,” said Public Services Manager Casey Lansinger-Pierce.

With that goal in mind, we officially formed the Outreach Department in 2009. The most noticeable presence in the community is our bookmobile. 

After many years of saving reserves, the Library Board was able to fund the purchase without a taxpayer increase in 2010 for $250,000. Nicknamed “Lucy,” the modified school bus visits approximately 15 locations in Severance, West Greeley, and Windsor.

“We can serve community members in the exact same way as the physical library,” said Outreach Assistant Katie Northern.

Five days a week two spotters work to help guide the bookmobile out of the library’s garage. With only 6 inches to spare on either side, everything is carefully compacted. Once at a stop, staff unroll the awning and unpack items that were tucked away for transport.

“It’s like a transformer,” Northern told the group with a smile.

On board, the sides of the bus are lined with shelves containing books, DVDs, and games for all ages.

“We try to keep the bookmobile collection as new as possible,” Northern said. “At any given time there are some 2,000 items on board. Check outs and renewals average 1,500 per month, about 7 percent of the library’s total circulation.”

library patrons on bookmobile

Beyond the Books participants explore the offerings of the bookmobile through a scavenger hunt.

The bookmobile is just one way the library looks to engage the community, with the Outreach Department working to partner with the schools and businesses, have a presence at community events, and hold Lobby Stops at assisted living facilities (for details, read last month’s article, “Beyond Our Walls").

The library really tries to bring its services to the areas of our district that can't easily access the physical building, such as senior centers and children's story times in Severance,” shared Beyond the Books participant Kate Johnson after the session. 

For more information on the bookmobile and its stops, visit the bookmobile page.

The July Beyond the Books session also included a presentation on Budget and Finance, which will be posted in December to align with the Library Board’s discussions.

By the Numbers — Bookmobile (2018)

  • 23,961 items checked out
  • 13,287 visitors
  • 5,287 miles traveled
  • 648  places visited

Download the slideshow

Missed the session? Download the Clearview Library District presentation.