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Beyond the Books: Exploring the Clearview Library District

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June marked the launch of the library’s new leadership program, Beyond the Books. Over the course of seven monthly sessions, 21 community leaders will be immersed in a behind-the-scenes look at library — what we do and why we do it.

“I saw this as a great opportunity to continue the conversation about the role of the library in our own community and to help better understand the current opportunities and challenges libraries face in our transforming society,” said participant Jeromey Balderrama.

Each session will cover a different library topic, with June focusing on an overview of the district.

Library Districts

The Clearview Library District is a special district that operates under Colorado Library Law, the “legal framework for library operations and responsibilities.” It was within the Colorado Library Law that the Town of Windsor and the Weld RE-4 School District came together to form the district in 1985, which follows the same boundaries as the school district. 


The district is governed by a five-member board, according to the Bylaws. Among other things, the board is responsible for managing library property, employing a library director, setting policy, and overseeing finances. Three non-voting liaisons from the Town of Windsor, Town of Severance, and the Weld RE-4 School District provide a communication link between the entities. 


While the district was officially formed in 1985, the Windsor Library Association was first formed in 1906 and operated out of the Post Office. Over the years, the library has called many locations home, including 5th Street, a one-story school building on 4th and Walnut, the second floor of the Art & Heritage Center, and our current 3rd Street location. For a more detailed timeline, view the session slidedeck.


As of 2017, our service area population was estimated at 25,213 and includes the Town of Windsor, Town of Severance, and West Greeley. Each community served has commonalities and differences:

By the Numbers

  • 25,213 Library Service Area Population (2017)
  • 288,442 individuals served at the library, bookmobile, and outreach events (2018)
  • 362,142 physical material checkouts and renewals (2018)
  • 88,923 virtual material checkouts and renewals (2018)
  • 17,252 database sessions (2018)
  • 51,472 event patrons (2018)
  • 2,433 programs (2018)
  • 440 school programs and visits (2018)
  • 11,169 Weld RE-4 students served through regular and special in-school programs (2018)



Population (2017)



Population Change (2010-2017)



Total Employment (2017)



Median Household Income



Median House Value



% of Population Below Poverty Line




We serve individuals from birth to 99+ through programs, resources, and materials provided by our 48 employees (12 full time and 36 part time), both within and beyond the walls of the library. Books are only the beginning — our media resources include DVDs, CDs, video games, Explore Kits, laptops, and more. Virtually, the community can stream movies, TV, and music, and download vetted resources, audiobooks, and e-books. Programs and outreach support all abilities and interests with storytime for infants and toddlers, STEAM programming and in-classroom support for school-age children, edutainment for adults, and Lobby Stops at assisted living facilities for seniors.

After the informational presentation, the group toured the library.

“Being able to tour all of the areas was a treat. We got to see some of the offices and work areas that I had no idea existed,” said Balderrama. “I wasn't aware how much planning goes into the different programs, and that each library staff facilitator personally oversees every aspect of the program they're organizing: from gathering materials to designing the promotional poster.

“The session was definitely fast-paced, as there was a lot of information presented. Those scheduled three hours went by quickly!”

Get the Slideshow

Missed the session? Download the Clearview Library District presentation.