Children with Technology outside

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Children with Technology outside

Communities are living, breathing things: constantly adapting and growing to best meet the needs of residents and businesses. 

The communities that the Clearview Library District serves — Windsor, Severance, and West Greeley — are no different and our focus as a district is to adapt to community-wide changes and adjust our library outreach services accordingly. In a service area that includes rural and agricultural pockets, as well as suburban neighborhoods and a Main Street corridor, we meet our patrons where they live, work, and play. 

Fireman and People

Windsor-Severance Fire Rescue staff members show Little Ones their gear at Fire Station Fun in Severance.

The benefits of taking the library out into the community are endless, but it ultimately comes down to this: the library builds community; our function goes beyond physical walls, so we bring the library out into the three towns we serve. Whether we are visiting an assisted living facility, bringing books, audiobooks, and good company with us, or hosting Rec & Tech at Lakeview Park in Severance, encouraging Severance families to get outside and fly a drone or make a craft, we bring the library outside and into parks, schools, breweries, businesses, and much more. 

Pub Trivia

While you might not expect to see the public library at your local watering hole, Pub Trivia has become an especially popular program in public libraries. Says Jason Boak, Outreach Assistant and MC-extraordinaire: “Our pub trivia nights provide a unique opportunity for engagement between library staff and the community. It’s also a great opportunity to raise awareness of other library programs and services.” Look for us at High Hops on the second and fourth Thursday of the month, or at G5 Brew Pub in Severance on the third Wednesday of the month, starting in July. 

Mobile Food Pantry

Outreach and Children’s Librarian, Kat Sharp, visits the Weld County Mobile Food Pantry once a month to talk about library services and programs to those waiting in line. “This visit is no different than our other outreach visits; we are there to make sure the community is aware of programs and services offered through the library, and it’s our way of bringing library services to those that might not visit the library,” she says. 

Lobby Stops

Library Outreach Patrons

Library staff help patrons at Good Samaritan during a Lobby Stop visit.

We visit five different assisted living facilities on a weekly basis. Staff bring books, audiobooks, magazines, and anything else that is requested. We also help residents with technology and device-specific needs, like setting up an iCloud account or transferring photos from one device to another. Kali Dhayatkar, Adult Outreach Assistant, says, “For many residents of assisted living facilities, it can be difficult to come to the main library or navigate the steps of our bookmobile, so this service allows us to still offer those members of our community access to library resources.” 

Outreach Storytime and StoryWalk

We take stories, songs, and dance on the road to various parks and daycares in our service area. At Eastman Park in Windsor, we partnered with the Town of Windsor to bring literacy outdoors year-round; StoryWalk is a series of signs, located around Eastman Park pond, that feature pages from a children’s book. As you walk around the pond, enjoy reading the entire story with your family! Stories are changed on a quarterly basis. 

School Visits

During the school year, we spend lots of time in classrooms, engaging with students through STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) activities and supporting staff with resources that help supplement curriculum. We’re also on hand at special school events, like Tozer’s Literacy Night or the Weld RE-4 Mental Health Night. These events give us the opportunity to bring helpful resources to the students, families, and staff of Weld RE-4


Library Patrons on Bookmobile

Library patrons explore the Children’s section of the bookmobile, our mobile library.

We’re in a neighborhood near you with our mobile library, the bookmobile. We visit 12 different neighborhood stops on a weekly basis, offering everything you’d find at the library. You’ll find some 2,000* items on the bookmobile, everything from popular DVDs, adult and kids books, to games, audiobooks, and more. We also bring the bookmobile to some of our outreach storytime and school visits, as well as community events, like Harvest Festival, Severance Days, and Windsor Wonderland. Visit the bookmobile page for our stop schedule.


Many of our weekly outreach visits are in the growing community of Severance. On Tuesdays, Kat hosts storytime and our bookmobile parks outside Town Hall. Special Children’s programming is held in Severance each month. In the summer, we host Rec & Tech at Lakeview Park; we bring tech toys and recreation items, and enjoy the summertime weather together. You’ll also find us at Severance Days, G5 Brew Pub for adult programming, and Range View Elementary School for programming and with our bookmobile.

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 *An earlier version of this article stated 2,500 items on the bookmobile. The number was updated to 2,000 to reflect a recent audit after space re-configurations.