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Patrons on Bookmobile

Members of the Clearview Library District community will begin shaping a new vision for the library through a strategic plan process starting this month.

“We’re trying to create our own future for our library,” said S Brand’s Sheryl Trent, the library’s strategic plan facilitator. “Not just any future, which will happen regardless, but our own future that we want to see. Services, programs, locations, books, and resources: strategic planning will allow the library to put into reality what the community wants.”  

Strategic planning isn’t new to the Clearview Library District — the district recently completed a report on the 2016-2018 Strategic Plan — but this year looks to foster an extensive community engagement component.

“The library exists to meet the needs of the community. Without the community informing us what they need and want from their library, we can’t truly know where to plan and grow,” Trent said. “We are all smarter together, and having community input will create a better plan that truly reflects the entire district.”

Beyond an online survey and in-person meetings, the library looks to engage the community in fun, creative ways online and in person from June through September:

  • At the library, there will be question prompts with an opportunity to contribute with Post-It notes.
  • White board PopUps will be at locations across Windsor and Severance for comments.
  • Postcard surveys will be available at the library, Bookmobile, and community events.
  • Questions will be posted to the library’s Facebook page for comment.

“Our process allows for full engagement where everyone who would like to participate can — and in a variety of ways!” Trent said. “The goal is for the strategic planning process to be transparent and neutral, where every idea is a good idea and is captured for continued conversation.”

Feedback from all of the engagement opportunities will be provided to the volunteer Strategic Plan Advisory Group, representative of the district. The Advisory Group will then make recommendations to the Library Board for the final plan.

“The final Strategic Plan is just the start of the process,” Trent said. “It’s a living plan, which means we want to continue to hear about how we can improve our existing community services, and what we should consider for the future.”

For more information and updates as the plan progresses, visit the Strategic Plan page or “Like Us” on Facebook.

About Sheryl Trent and S Brand

Sheryl TrentFor more than 28 years, Sheryl Trent has worked for public sector agencies in Washington, California, and Colorado, specializing in long-range strategic planning. In the last 10 years, Trent has personally facilitated more than 100 strategic plans across the United States, including the Town of Windsor’s strategic plan. Trent is a Certified Master Facilitator — one of only 40 in the world.

A Strategic Plan based on strong community engagement and input will benefit the community in five main ways:

  1. Create a clear vision for the future
  2. Allow the community to drive the future of services and programs
  3. Determine what is most important to the community
  4. Establish actionable goals and projects moving forward matched to the budget
  5. Give opportunities for continued interaction through plan updates and changes