Windsor Colorado 1903

Nine Resources for Exploring the Past

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Windsor Colorado 1903

Downtown Windsor, looking west down Main Street, circa 1903. Photograph courtesy of the Town of Windsor Museum.

Summer can be a time of adventure and exploration, both past and present! Use these resources to supplement your summer quest, whether it be family history or context on a historical site.

Delve into Local History Archives

A trip to the Boardwalk Park Museums in Windsor this summer may spark your curiosity about local history. If you’re looking to know more about your community, delve into the archives of the Windsor Beacon, read “Windsor” by Rachel Kline, or watch interviews of local community members conducted by the Windsor Beacon and the Windsor Severance Historical Society.

Our Colorado History Collection includes both books and DVDs that focus on historical periods and events that take place in Colorado, and even specifically within the Windsor-Severance community,” said Adult Programming & Collections Librarian Jennifer Bradley.

Dig Into Genealogy with HeritageQuest

Doing a little digging for your upcoming family reunion? HeritageQuest can help! This powerful database is a comprehensive treasury of American genealogical resources. Supported by Ancestry, HeritageQuest includes more than 4.4 billion records that date to the 1700s. Search Census data, local history records, military records, maps, and photos.

HeritageQuest is our go-to-resource for individuals looking to do genealogical research, as it draws information from verified resources,” Bradley explains.

Discover the Stories Behind Your Destination

Prepare for your summer vacation travels by exploring the historical context of your destination. Search the world’s most comprehensive history reference database, History Reference Center; watch historical documentaries through Kanopy; and checkout any of our books or audiobooks on historical subjects. For in-state destinations, try “A Colorado History,” “Hiking Through Colorado History,” or “Colorado Ghost Towns: Past and Present.”

Bradley notes, “These resources, enable our patrons to look back on the history and development of our local communities and to appreciate the many rich stories that have become a part of their unique identities — from extended family lineages to important eras and historical events.”