Kelly Hall

Hall Joins Staff to Help Businesses Grow

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Kelly Hall

Looking to strengthen local businesses and our community, the library created a new position — part-time Business Development Coordinator — and welcomed Kelly Hall to staff in April.

The new position will work to start, grow, or develop businesses through one-on-one reference assistance, programming and outreach, and resource development.

“We have many great small businesses here and more starting up every month,” said Hall. “Recent studies show that at least 60 percent of new job creation originates with small businesses. When we help our local small businesses be more successful, we help the community.”

Hall will work one-on-one with businesses and entrepreneurs as an embedded resource for the community, connecting local businesses with library tools.

“Ultimately, I would like to help our local businesses prosper and make their owners’ and employees' work lives easier,” she said. “First, I plan to meet with local business owners and community groups to understand what they want from this role, and then I’ll work to bring the library resources and services to those efforts.”

Hall began the position April 15, and brings both a background in business and education to the role. She has a bachelor’s in finance and physics, and a master’s in education, in addition to 35 years of experience in the technology sector.

For Hall, this position was an ideal match — combining her wealth of business experience with her love for the library and the community.

“I have always loved libraries and this library in particular. It is a vital part of our community and has so much to offer businesses and residents,” Hall said. “This is a great opportunity to blend my experience with my love of libraries. I'm honored to be part of it.”

For businesses interested in scheduling an appointment with Hall, call 970-235-0049 or email

Matching Resources to Business Needs

One of Hall’s primary roles will be to match the needs of the business community with new and existing library resources. The library offers many business-specific resources, including:

Legal Forms

Access thousands of customizable legal documents at any time, anywhere with your library card.

Small Business Resource Center

This database houses resources that cover all aspects of business operations — accounting to human resources.

Small Business Builder

Take your business from an idea to a thriving organization with this step-by-step online planning tool.

Reference USA

Refine your marketing efforts using data on more than 14 million businesses and 203 million consumers from this searable database.