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Explora Database

“Let your research take flight with Explora, the place to find information on thousands of topics covering a wide range of subjects. You’ll find magazine articles, book chapters, biographies, primary source documents, images, videos, and more.”

Explora is our go-to-resource for research-vetted articles, essays, and videos on a wide-range of popular subjects — from the latest tech innovations and social issues to long ago historical events.

Students and teachers, in particular, like Windsor Middle School Librarian Heather Moon, have found Explora to be a great resource for working on classroom projects and assignments. Moon shared that she recently used Explora to help students research information on passion topics, like sports and engineering, in order to create their own podcasts and TedTalk videos.

"Features, such as choosing the Lexile Levels and publication date, have been helpful tools to narrow down some larger searches,” Moon said. “It is also nice to know that articles from this source have been vetted for accuracy, unlike information students could potentially find on Google."

Whether you're a student working on a classroom assignment or an adult looking to learn more about your own passion topic, Explora's friendly, easy-to-use interface can be a great resource for finding the information you seek. Explora even offers age-appropriate entry portals for younger and older audiences.

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