child gardening

Growing Readers: Early Science Concepts

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child gardening

Growing Readers is a monthly article offering parents and caregivers information on early childhood development and how to foster young readers and learners.

Spring in Colorado can mean anything weather-wise, so make the changing seasons and temperatures a chance to teach early science concepts to your preschooler and toddler. Children are natural explorers and will instinctively investigate the environment around them. Foster their curiosity and utilize these moments to learn and grow!


Teach your child about the seasons, and talk about the different clothing you wear each season. Take a walk outside, and see what you can find to count: sticks, flowers, leaves, rocks. Observe animals migrating in the winter and spring.

If it’s cold, go outside to play and then make your favorite warm drink inside. Create paper snowflakes with scissors and folded paper. Draw pictures of trees going through all the seasons.

Show your child how to use an umbrella when it rains. Sing “Rain Rain, Go Away,”  and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider.”

When it’s warm, go outside and see what animals you can hear. Can you hear birds chirp, frogs ribbit, or bees buzzing?


Check out two great reads in our collection about kids in nature: “ABCs Naturally: a Child’s Guide to the Alphabet Through Nature” and “Flow Spin Grow: Looking for Patterns in Nature.”

“Flow Spin Grow” is Miss Andrea’s favorite. “I love ‘Flow Spin Grow’ because it incorporates whole body learning, with movement like jumping and spinning, into exploring nature. Movement is an important factor in healthy brain development.”

Join us at StoryWalk in Windsor’s Eastman Park for more opportunities to integrate movement, reading, and the outdoors.